Jill Allison Seattle Acupuncture
Jill Allison Seattle Acupuncture
Jill Allison Seattle Acupuncture

Acpuncture is the insertion of fine, hair-like needles at sites chosen after a health history is obtained. Chinese medicine also consists of other methods of treatment that Jill employs, including:

Herbal medicine: Herbs are powerful form of medicine that has been used for centuries. Jill's training included the use of herbs (both Western and Chinese) to help encourage the body to heal. She can provide herbal prescriptions to supplement the acupuncture treatments.

Ear needling: Needles are placed around the ear and can treat many things. They are especially effective in dealing with the cravings associated with addictive behavior.

Moxabustion: The burning of a finely powdered herb (Artemesia vulgaris) near the skin at various sites on the body to warm the essence and move the blood.

Tui Na: A form of massage used to move qi.

Cupping: The use of special cups that have a vacuum drawn on them with heat and then are placed on the skin to draw out stagnant qi.

Infrared lamp therapy: A warm infrared lamp is placed over the body to help warm and move the qi.

Tuning forks: A set of tuning forks based on the Pythagorean music of the spheres are used on acupuncture points to vibrate the body at particular frequencies. These frequencies are used to move qi and also improve the functioning of yin and yang energy.



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